(57 BCE – 935 CE), Goryeo celadon and black wares, early Joseon Buncheong ware, 19th century white porcelains and contemporary works – from sculptural to utilitarian. Of course, there were examples of the wonderful moon shaped jars for which Korean ceramicists are rightly famous, including one which was made by John himself. – TAASA Review June 2023


This article was originally found in the June 2023 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 32, Issue 2, Page 27).

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John’s introductory talk provided a brief background to Korea’s long ceramic tradition and its influence on the development of ceramics in Japan.

This was brought to life by his stories of how he acquired his pieces and what attracted him to them.

We were all impressed by the range of the collection and the scholarly way in which he has recorded the works and traced their history...