BOOK REVIEW: BEYOND BOLLYWOOD Jackie Menzies – TAASA Review June 2023


This article was originally found in the June 2023 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 32, Issue 2, Page 25).

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Beyond Bollywood: 2,000 Years of Dance in the Arts of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayan Region Forrest McGill (ed) Asian Art Museum San Francisco, 2022 RRP US$45 paperback, 272 pp This publication accompanies the similarly named exhibition co-curated by Aynsley M.

Cameron of the Cincinnati Art Museum and Forrest McGill of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco (where it is on show until 10 July).

As I luxuriated in the finely designed, generously illustrated pages and the impressively scholarly yet accessible text, I was struck by the quality of individual pieces the organisers were able to borrow: discerning eyes and serious scholarship have determined the selection and give the reader an extraordinarily rich array of dancing images. The concern of the writers is not dance iconography but the pervasiveness of dance and the multiple roles it plays across varying cultural contexts...