TA ASA REVIEW VOLUME 31 NO.3 – TAASA Review September 2022


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Tom Raw Forwarded to Head Quarters, illustrated in Charles D’Oyly’s Sir Tom Raw the Griffin, a Burlesque Poem (Ackermann 1828), State Library of NSW A West India Sportsman, 1807, a printed English caricature published shortly after the successful passage of Wilberforce’s bill to abolish slavery, depicts the Englishman abroad, probably a plantation owner or overseer in the West Indies.

The servant-slaves and the plantation owner are likely wearing cotton.

Courtesy of The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University ‘Jeune elegant en habit moucheté avec une veste blanche garnie de bandes d’indienne…’, Pierre-Thomas Leclerc, designer; Etienne Claude Voysard, engraver, hand-coloured engraving, Gallerie des Modes et Costumes Français, 1778...