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Monday 24 October: Early Modern Cambodia: archaeology and ceramics from Longvek Dr Martin Polkinghorne, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, Flinders University, Adelaide A growing body of archaeological evidence from the 16th and 17th century Cambodian capital of Longvek (la?vaek) demonstrates that Cambodia was deeply connected to bourgeoning global trade.

Instead of pejorative views of this period as a time of absence, early modern Cambodia was a vibrant and complex territorial power and mercantile hub. Monday 31 October: The development of Cambodian contemporary art VUTH Lyno, artist (APT and Sydney Perspecta) and artistic director of Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, introduction by Phnom Penh-based collector Larry Strange Cambodia’s artists and arts institutions were decimated by the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime of the late 1970s.

But the past 20 years have seen remarkable socioeconomic development and the emergence of a vibrant contemporary art scene...