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This article was originally found in the September 2022 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 31, Issue 3, Page 30).

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NSW Elemental and From Here, South is North Elemental from 30 July 2022 From Here, South is North from 10 September 2022 Art Gallery of NSW Works from the Art Gallery’s collection of Asian art, which stretches from Indonesia to Mongolia and Japan to Iran, are displayed over two floors in the Asian Lantern.

Both galleries have been refurbished and feature vibrant exhibitions celebrating the richness and depth of a collection that began in 1879 and continues to develop. In the lower gallery, which includes a working Japanese tearoom, the exhibition Elemental investigates the natural elements of earth, water and fire, to which some traditions add wood, metal, void, and wind or air.

The works on display illuminate our understanding of each of these elemental groupings, and the vital connections between them.   Charkha and Kargha 13 August – 15 January 2022 Powerhouse Museum Taking its title from Charkha (spinning wheel) and Kargha (loom), the exhibition will feature over 100 rare Indian textile items that date back to the foundational collections of the Powerhouse acquired since the 1880s. Clay Dynasty 11 October 2021 – 29 January 2023 Powerhouse Museum Clay Dynasty celebrates studio ceramics in Australia: from the 1960s pioneers who transformed the functional pottery tradition to contemporary ceramic artists who continue to push the medium...