TAASA APT10 TOUR QAGOMA, Brisbane Saturday 2 – Sunday 3 April 2022 A large group of TAASA members enjoined a weekend in Brisbane hosted by TAASA QLD. Tarun Nagesh, Curatorial Manager of Asian & Pacific Art, QAGOMA generously spent all Saturday taking the group through the exhibition. On Sunday morning, we were treated to a seminar organised by TAASA Qld which covered diverse topics: Kylie Johnston on Kintsugi, the art of gold lacquer repair; James MacKean on Krishna as Shrinathji – Rajasthani paintings from Nathdwara; Werner and Maureen Dutler presenting objects from their own Myanmar focused collection, and Kay Watanable providing a hands-on demonstration of Mokuhanga woodblock technique. The group mingled with additional Qld TAASA members at a delicious dinner hosted by James MacKean and Tee Beng, where we were entertained by a talk by James on the tiger motif in Asian art and sitar player, Peter van Lunn. – TAASA Review June 2022


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Turkman Jewellery.

Courtesy Anne Demy-Geroe PhotOs: Sandy Watson ...