T H E R A D I A N T V O I D : KO J I H ATA K E YA M A’ S ‘ C O N TA I N E D V E S S E L’ – TAASA Review June 2022


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Lesley Kehoe K oji Hatakeyama, born in 1956, hails from Takaoka city, historically part of the Kaga feudal domain of the Maeda daimyo.

Significant patrons of the arts, the Maeda established Kaga as the centre of traditions in bronze casting, ceramic (Kutani) and lacquer (kaga makie).

In 1611 Maeda Toshinaga (15621614) commanded seven bronze casters (imoji) to the city, thereby establishing a 400-year continuous art industry, currently supplying some 90% of Japan’s casting works – religious and secular...