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VICTORIA NSW Transforming Worlds: Change and Tradition in Contemporary India Opens 9 April 2022 NGV Celebrates the unique artistic traditions developed by diverse indigenous and regional communities across India, exploring the ways artists and creatives are using visual languages to respond to India’s rapidly changing social and physical environments. Gonkar Gyatso: Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky & Minh Phan: Flight Of The Phoenix 30 April – 11 June 2022 Australasian Cultural Arts Exchange (ACAE) Aspects of Minh Phan’s family experiences fleeing South Vietnam to Australia in 1980 are captured by his striking body of oil on copper paintings. Gonkar Gyatso is a Tibetan-born British artist widely exhibited around the world.

His works reflect multiple, often mutually contradictory influences, intertwining religious iconography with pop culture. The Aquilizan Studio: Making it Home 26 April 2022 – 2023 Art Gallery of NSW Filipino-Australian artists Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan are creating one of their impressively scaled cardboard sculptures for AGNSW’s Sydney Modern opening late 2022, drawing on their own story of migration to forge an art practice dedicated to understanding the shifting, varied and often complicated meanings of home. Continuum: Independent Animation from Japan and Australia 15 January – 2 July Japan Foundation, Sydney This exhibition celebrates 15 vibrant and subtly subversive works of contemporary independent animation from filmmakers across Australia and Japan. New Energy 4 June – 24 July 2022 4A Centre for Contemporary Art This first early-career survey for 4A since 2015 brings together nine emerging artists who imbue their creative methods with fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Showcases installation, ceramics, video photography and more. ...