TEXTILE STUDY GROUP, NSW Annie Wyatt Room at the S.H Ervin Gallery, Observatory Hill in Millers Point, 6 – 8pm. Light refreshments. $20 members, $30 non-members. Bookings to Chris Manning: bookings@taasa.org.au. – TAASA Review June 2022


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Tuesday 12 July 2022 Innovations in goldwork embroidery and their impact on embroidery styles Mary Brown Mary will discuss two main groups of thread that contemporary goldwork embroiderers work with: fibre-core metal threads and 100% metal threads.

She will explore the way these different manufacturing innovations have produced unique aesthetic effects and how these techniques were disseminated through trade, mainly along the Silk Roads.

Mary is an accredited tutor and judge for the Embroiderer’s Guild of NSW and was a sessional lecturer for many years in the Fashion and Textile Department at UTS. ...