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Japanese Decorative Arts, full day symposium with AGNSW – 4 August 2012 Khanh Trinh, Dale Gluckman, Chiaki Ajioka, Olivia Meehan, Pepa Martin & Karen Davis National Portrait Gallery & NGA Exhibition full day viewings, drinks and private collection viewing in Canberra – 3 November 2012 Charlotte Galloway, Christine Clark, Melanie Eastburn, Claudia Hyles From Beginner to Expert, full day symposium at Sydney Mechanics School of Arts – 9 March 2013 Michael Abbott, Paul Sumner, David Hulme & Brigitte Benziger, Todd Sunderman, Raimy Che Ross, Donna Hinton Inner Asia Symposium, full day symposium at Powerhouse Museum 7 September 2013 Zhang Jianlin, Angelo Andrea di Castro, Lyndon Arden-Wong, Qinghua Guo, Ken Parry Simplicity of Chance: Japanese tea ceramics, half day CSG symposium at UNSW Art & Design – 12 October 2013 Ann MacArthur, John Freeland, Paul Davis Chinese Opera Evening and banquet, TAASA with AASI Inc 27 February 2014 Led by Fiona Reilly Ikebana and Ceramic Wares, CSG morning session, hands on demonstration at a member’s house – 7 June 2014 Kuniko Nakano ACT Weekend, NGA Indonesian photography exhibition viewing and symposium – 14/15 June 2014, guided tour of exhibition Bali: Island of the Gods, dance performance, drinks at Asia Book Room etc.

Gael Newton, Robyn Maxwell Symbolism and Imagery in Asian Textiles, half day symposium at the Powerhouse, TSG 20th anniversary 19 July 2014 Susan Scollay, Christina Sumner, Siobhan Campbell Made to Order: Trade Ceramics from East to West, half day CSG symposium at UNSW Art & Design – 9 August 2014 Jackie Menzies, James MacKean, Danny McOwan The Magic of Metal: Jewellery Traditions in Asia, half day symposium at UNSW Art & Design – 19 September 2015 Wendy Parker, Truus Dalder, Min-Jung Kim Japanese Woodblock Prints, NGV collection study day and studio visit 20 May 2016 Wayne Crothers, Ema Shin Chinese Museum (Melbourne) Study Day – 30 September 2016 Antonia Finnane For Gods and Kings: Ritual Ceramics in Asia, CSG half day symposium at UNSW Art & Design – 29 April 2017 Jackie Menzies, Wendy Parker, Ann Proctor Pakistani & Indian textile study session, NGA Collection Study Room, NLA exhibitions – 5 August 2017 Arjmand Aziz, Bronwyn Campbell East-West Chic, full day symposium at UNSW Art & Design – 19 August 2017 Barbara Watson, Gael Newton, Claudia Chan Shaw, Antonio Finnane, Patricia Flanagan Travelling Edmund de Waal’s The White Road: The Development of Porcelain in China and Europe, half day CSG symposium at UNSW Art & Design – 26 May 2018 Iain Clark, Margaret White, Elizabeth Ramsden, Steve Harrison Colours, half day symposium and exhibition viewing at UNSW Art & Design 25 August 2018 Liz Williamson, Jackie Menzies, Iain Clark, Marianne Hulsbosch Decorative Arts of India, half day symposium at QAGOMA 24 February 2019 James MacKean, Dana McCown, Janet De Boer Artworks from Nature, half-day symposium at UNSW Art & Design 24 August 2019 Alan Lloyd, Bronwyn Campbell, Victoria, Jeffrey Mellefont ...