LECTURE SERIES 2015-2021 – TAASA Review June 2021


This article was originally found in the June 2021 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 30, Issue 2, Page 6).

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Archaeology in Asia, March-July 2015, five lectures: Marika Vicziany and Angelo Andrea Di Castro, Bob Hudson, Alison Betts, Martin Polkinghorne, Lyndon Arden Wong Islamic Influences in Asian Arts and Culture, April-October 2016, five lectures: Susan Scollay, Stefano Carboni, James Bennett, Alison Betts, Matt Cox Rituals of Southeast Asia, March-July 2017, five lectures: Siobhan Campbell, Peter Worsley, four post-graduate students: Cheng Nien Yuan, Michael Leadbetter, Natali Pearson, Jarrah Sastrawan, Marnie Feneley, Russell Howard Nature in Japan, March-July 2018, five lectures: Philip Brophy, Russell Kelty, Olivia Meehan, Wayne Crothers, John McBride The Spirit World, February-July 2019, six lectures: Luise Guest, Sally Bamford, Julian Droogan, James Bennett, John McBride, John Tidmarsh Asian classics through art, March 2020 extended to September 2021 on zoom, six lectures: Chaitanya Sambrani, Russell Kelty, Adrian Vickers, Jackie Menzies, Julian Droogan, Peyvand Firouzeh Christina Sumner is former Principal Curator, Design & Society, Powerhouse Museum, one of the founding members of TAASA and past Vice President.

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