TA ASA REVIEW VOLUME 30 NO.2 – TAASA Review June 2021


This article was originally found in the June 2021 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 30, Issue 2, Page 13).

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Cultural Textiles rugs on exhibition in ADspace 2016 Cultural Textile fabric designs, Galeecha exhibition, ADspace, October 2017 by these emerging designers following a unique cultural experience and by Sufiyan with his printing expertise.

The rugs have proved an outstanding success in terms of audience and market response; more importantly, all involved – designers, artisan and academic – have been enriched in our understanding of the artisan/designer relationship.

The project had immense value in terms of transformation and reference and is a particularly interesting example of how observation of historical and cultural motifs and patterns can influence, be adapted and interpreted for contemporary designs. From observation and verbal feedback, the course did offer value to the artisan groups...