B E YO N D C E N T R E A N D P E R I P H E R Y: I S L A M I C A R T I N S Y D N E Y – TAASA Review September 2020


This article was originally found in the September 2020 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 29, Issue 3, Page 7).

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Peyvand Firouzeh I n 2019, I was appointed to the first position in Islamic Art at the University of Sydney, created as part of the Department of Art History’s broader commitment to building research and teaching capabilities in a variety of non-Western art subjects.

What follows is a reflection on developments in Islamic art at the University over this past year, and a look ahead to future plans for both research and teaching. My expertise as a researcher of the arts and material cultures of the Islamic world lies mainly at the intersection of Iran and Deccan India in the pre-modern era, with a specific focus on Sufism and transregional networks of artists and intellectuals.

A new research project focuses on cross-cultural connections in Deccan India after the 14th century establishment of the Bahmanid kingdom...