SWITZERLAND – TAASA Review March 2020


This article was originally found in the March 2020 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 29, Issue 1, Page 30).

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Life as a Prince To 7 June 2020 Rietberg Museum, Zurich Until the 20th century, painting in India was restricted almost entirely to royal palaces and princely courts.

This exhibition of Indian miniatures deciphers portraits and selfrepresentations of Indian rulers and provides glimpses of the luxurious and vibrant life behind palace walls. Stories about Life and the World: Javanese Shadow Theatre 3 April – 1 November 2020 Rietberg Museum, Zurich The wayan kulit shadow play is one of the oldest existing theatre traditions in Asia.

The exhibition presents precious and striking figures of gods, spirits and ancestors focusing on stories about heroes and demons, morals and virtues, and the deeper meaning of life. Join our small group, quality, fun and learning journeys...