T R A V E L L E R ‘ S C H O I C E : T H E N A T I O N A L M U S E U M O F Q A T AR Chris Manning & Bev Dunbar – TAASA Review March 2020


This article was originally found in the March 2020 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 29, Issue 1, Page 25).

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Q atar is the richest country per capita on earth because of its huge oil and gas reserves and it is now competing with other Arab countries to attract tourists from all over the world, despite the ongoing blockade by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

On a recent trip to London, we planned a stopover in Doha, Qatar’s capital, to explore two world-class museums, IM Pei’s Museum of Islamic Art and Jean Nouvel’s amazing new National Museum of Qatar, which opened in March 2019. The National Museum of Qatar is the largest museum of local history in the world.

It took 18 years to create at a cost of about US$435 million and sprawls over 40 000m2, facing a lagoon overlooking the Corniche and Doha Bay...