BLACK ABSTRACTION 1 2018, ZhOU xiAOPiNG (B. ChiNA, 1960), iNK, ACRyLiC AND OiL ON RiCE PAPER MOUNTED ON CANVAS, 137 x 278 CM. COURTESy ZhOU xiAOPiNG – TAASA Review September 2019


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8 Zhou’s large-scale solo exhibition Dialogues with the Dreaming: The Art of Zhou Xiaoping in Australia was launched 1 April 2017 at Today Art Museum (Beijing), followed by exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chengdu), Jiangsu Modern Art Museum (Nanjing) and Shenzhen Art Museum (Shenzhen).

While the exhibition toured China, he gave public lectures and presentations at major universities on Aboriginal Australia (Zhou 2017). Zhou’s place in Australia is unique because he has populated his art with Aboriginal Australians, either in portraiture or largely as identifiable abstractions in extraordinary artworks that demonstrate a high level of artistic achievement.

No Australian artist, including the sum total of Aboriginal Australian artists themselves, have ever consistently focused on Aboriginal Australians as subject...