C O L L E C T O R ‘ S C H O I C E : A H I M A L A Y A N S HA M A N ‘ S HA T – TAASA Review March 2019


This article was originally found in the March 2019 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 28, Issue 1, Page 22).

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Boris Kaspiev T he story of colour in the art of the Himalayas is also the story of how gemstones were used in jewellery and adornment: their magical properties and how they travelled across the ancient networks of trade routes. Himalayan shaman’s hat, Tibet or Ladakh, 19th century.

Photo: Boris Kaspiev This hat would have been part of a shaman’s outfit, which may have included a collar and anklets.

Stylistically, it could originate from either Tibet or Ladakh, and dates from the 19th century...