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This article was originally found in the September 2018 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 27, Issue 3, Page 29).

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20 June 2018 Curator led tour of NGV Japonisme Exhibition This TAASA Victoria member tour was in fact led by THREE curators from the NGV – Wayne Crothers (Senior Curator Asian art), Amanda Dunsmore (Senior Curator, International Decorative Arts and Antiquities) and Matthew Martin (Curator, International Decorative Arts and Antiquities). Wayne explained the impact of Western explorers and traders in Japan as depicted in several woodcut illustrations; Amanda and Matthew highlighted key objects on display including furniture, ceramics, glass, artworks and texts to demonstrate the impact of the Japanese aesthetic on European and American design from the late 18th to the early 20th centuries. 5 July 2018 The Bolster Collection Viewing TAASA members were treated to an exclusive private viewing at Leonard Joel Auction House of the upcoming auction of the Bolster Collection of Asian and Ethnographic Artefacts.

The collection covered a broad range of items including Himalayan and Tibetan artefacts, Indian miniature paintings, central Asian textiles, Nomadic rugs, Khmer ceramics, Papua New Guinean and Oceanic artefacts.

Independent consultant and Asian art specialist Carl Wantrup gave a short presentation while Chiara Curcio, Leonard Joel’s Head of Decorative Arts, ably assisted members with their queries...