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TAASA NSW Monday 7 May 2018 Playful poems and picture books: Utamaro’s books on natural history themes Olivia Meehan’s talk explored the designs, the printmaking technology and the influence of European ideas and materials as they applied to poetry and picture books published in the Edo period.

She focused on three luxury books illustrated by Utamaro Kitagawa (1753-1806) for publisher Tsutaya Jzabur: Picture Book of Crawling Creatures, Gifts of the Ebb Tide, and Myriad Birds. Monday 4 June 2018 Jakuch’s pleasure garden and beyond Wayne Crothers, NGV Curator of Japanese Art, discussed the work of the long neglected Japanese Edo period artist It Jakuch (17161800).

He discussed possible reasons for his more recent rise in popularity and took us through his artistic development over his long career, concluding with the NGV’s unusual Jakuch painting that depicts the artist’s idealistic sculpture garden project, still found at Sekih-ji in Kyoto. 29 June 2018 Gallery Tour – The Burrangong Affray 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art TAASA Members were treated to a special viewing of this exhibition which refers to Australia’s largest racially motivated anti-immigration riot in the goldfields of Burrangong, near Young...