BOOK REVIEW: NO CHAOS NO PARTY Anna O’Loughlin – TAASA Review June 2017


This article was originally found in the June 2017 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 26, Issue 2, Page 24).

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No Chaos No Party 28 Artists in Metro Manila A project by Valeria Cavestany, (ed) Eva McGovern-Basa Almavida Holdings, Inc., Philippines, 2016 RRP AUD$160; Hardcover, 218 pages, colour No Chaos No Party is a collection of interviews, artworks and personal archives of 28 contemporary artists who live and work in Metro Manila, Philippines (hereafter referred to as Manila).

Each interview is sensitively tailored to the artist, as is the corresponding layout of images and text.

The megacity is, however, the thread that binds this startlingly diverse group, and every individual is asked to reflect on the urban context in which their practice exists. Crime, violence, corruption, lack of infrastructure, overpopulation and traffic make life in the city almost intolerable for these artists...