This article was originally found in the December 2017 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 26, Issue 4, Page 27).

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TAASA NSW Jackie Menzies discusses Buddhist objects with TAASA members at the Buddhist Treasures event. Photo: Jillian Kennedy Margaret White and Marianne Hulsbosch admiring Ruth Hampton’s jacket.

Photo: Sandy Watson Hokusai 7 September 2017 At this well attended talk, Wayne Crothers, Curator of Japanese Art at the NGV, offered an insightful and entertaining review of the recent Hokusai exhibition which he curated for the NGV.

The exhibition itself covered the span of Hokusai’s work but inevitably focused on his later output, given that much of his early work was destroyed and because Hokusai’s major and well known series of woodblock prints were created after the age of 60 to his death in 1849 at the age of 89. Wayne not only brought the works in the exhibition vividly to life but also described how he selected the prints, mainly sourced from the Sakai family collection at the Japan Ukiyo-e Museum in Matsumoto, and provided background information on the NGV’s woodblock print collection, the evolution of the Japanese woodblock print tradition from the 1770’s, and on Hokusai’s own life and artistic development...