THE ART OF GOLD EMBROIDERY IN UZBEKISTAN Christina Sumner – TAASA Review September 2016


This article was originally found in the September 2016 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 25, Issue 3, Page 26).

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The Art of Gold Embroidery in Uzbekistan: A study of an aspect of traditional Uzbek material culture in transition Suzanne Pennell StoryBridge Press, Brisbane, 2015 RRP US$24.45 b&w, US$62.52 colour, paperback.

Available for purchase from A new book by Suzanne Pennell offers lovers of Central Asia’s superb textile traditions valuable insights into the practice of gold embroidery or zardozi in Uzbekistan.

This labour of love by Pennell is the welcome publication of her Masters thesis, complete with the original illustrations. This book comprises a substantial review of the changing nature of zardozi through time and an engrossing analysis of its enduring place in Uzbek political, religious and family life...