L U N AR LA N T E R N S : W E L C O M I N G I N T H E Y E AR O F T H E M O N K E Y I N S Y D N E Y – TAASA Review March 2016


This article was originally found in the March 2016 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 25, Issue 1, Page 14).

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Claudia Chan Shaw in conversation with Josefa Green F rom 6 ­ 14 February, 12 spectacular giant lanterns representing animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac occupied some of Sydney’s major locations as part of this year’s Sydney Chinese New Year Festival.

Marking its 20th anniversary, this was an ambitious project orchestrated by Claudia Chan Shaw, the first specialist curator appointed by the City of Sydney in the festival’s history.

It marks the dramatic evolution of the CNY festival from a small community based event to a major tourist drawcard attracting an estimated 600,000 visitors to more than 80 events across the city over 16 days and nights – the largest celebration of Lunar New Year outside mainland China. Claudia Chan Shaw comments about how thrilled she was to be selected as curator for this project, allowing her to give expression to both her personal cultural ties with Chinese New Year and her passionate identity with the city of Sydney through a family association which goes back to the gold rush days...