TAASA VICTORIA – TAASA Review March 2016


This article was originally found in the March 2016 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 25, Issue 1, Page 28).

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TAASA end-of-year party and viewing of private collection 12 November 2015 TAASA Victoria’s end-of-year party was held at the St Kilda home of collector Boris Kaspiev.

Dr David Templeman, a scholar of Tibetan history and culture, led a guided tour of Boris’s collection, focussing on thangkas and bronzes from the Himalayan region and covering the history, iconography and meaning of a number of pieces.

At the viewing, Dr Templeman and Dr Angelo Andrea Di Castro, Monash Asia Institute, introduced their recent book Asian Horizons, published in honour of the great scholar of Asia, Professor Giuseppe Tucci, and highlighted how Professor Tucci’s research and scholarship had inspired the wide range of contributors to the book...