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USA Celebrating the Arts of Japan: the Mary Griggs Burke Collection Metropolitan Museum, New York 20 October 2016 ­ 14 May 2017 ACT Zhang Peili: from Painting to Video China in the World, ANU, Canberra To 4 December 2016 Zhang Peili: from Painting to Video is a collaboration between the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) and MAAP-Media Art Asia Pacific, Brisbane.

The project is built around the generous gift to CIW in 2014 of one of Zhang’s last paintings from the 1990s before he shifted his focus to video and media installation art.

Newly restored, and never before exhibited, This tribute to a great collector reveals Japanese art as viewed through the lens of 50 years of collecting: the sublime spirituality of Buddhist and Shinto art; the boldness of Zen ink painting; the imaginary world conjured up by the Tale of Genji and classical Japanese literature; the sumptuous colours of bird-and-flower painting; the subtlety of poetry, calligraphy, and literati themes; the aestheticised accoutrements of the tea ceremony, and the charming portraiture of courtesans from the `floating world’ (ukiyo-e). Splendours of Korean Art Metropolitan Museum, New York 10 October 2016 ­ 17 September 2017 This year-long presentation brings to The Met masterpieces from the National Museum of Korea...