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This article was originally found in the December 2015 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 24, Issue 4, Page 30).

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Compiled by Tina Burge NSW India’s Disappearing Railways: A Photographic Journey Customs House Library, Sydney 26 October 2015 – 22 January 2016 India’s Disappearing Railways is both a contemporary documentary, and a poignant portrait of life on the sub-continent’s narrowgauge railways, evoking the very soul of India.

Australian photojournalist and travel writer Angus McDonald (1962-2013) spent several years documenting these lines, travelling from the Himalayan foothills to the Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu, and from the plains of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh to the Western Ghats of the Deccan Plateau.

In a tribute to the country he lived and worked in, McDonald’s record is the only existing contemporary photographic archive of these remote and increasingly endangered lines, capturing the fine nuances of those who live, work and travel on the world’s most sprawling rail network...