TAASA IN SYDNEY – TAASA Review December 2015


This article was originally found in the December 2015 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 24, Issue 4, Page 28).

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TAASA preview of the Mossgreen Peter Elliott collection auction 28 August 2015 A large group of TAASA members attended a private viewing of the renowned Peter Elliott collection that was to be auctioned at the Byron Kennedy Hall on the last weekend of August.

Professor Elizabeth Elliott AM Professor in Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Sydney gave a moving talk about her memories of her father’s collecting passion and his weekend forays to numerous dealers and galleries in search of something else interesting to add to his collection.

Then TAASA members wandered at will around the showcases of Asian arts that would find homes the following weekend. This event was thoroughly enjoyed by those present and we are very grateful to Dt John Yu and to Mossgreen who so generously afforded us this opportunity...