TAASA H AS A N E W W E B SIT E – TAASA Review December 2015


This article was originally found in the December 2015 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 24, Issue 4, Page 28).

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The start of December marks a long awaited event ­ the launch of TAASA’s new website. Designed by TAASA Review’s graphic designer, Ingo Voss of VossDesign and developed by Tom MacKean of MacKean Solutions, we hope you will find the site attractive, informative and easy to use. The main benefits of TAASA’s new website are: · All our current events are clearly presented. · You can click through to get the details for each event, to book for the event and pay directly by credit card or Paypal account.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) into TAASA’s account remains an option, and is appreciated by TAASA. · As a member you can log in with your own password and renew your membership online each year as well as change your personal details as required.

You will be sent your individual password by email. · Non-members can join TAASA online, book and pay for events. · The TAASA Review will now be available electronically, with `soft’ copies of issues back to 2006 available...