TAASA TEXTILE STUDY GROUP, SYDNEY Does the Devil wear black? 13 November 2013 In this talk, Marianne Hulsbosch investigated where the concept of white is good and black is evil originated and how this manifested in Ambon, a remote island east of the Indonesian archipelago. Portuguese Jesuit missionaries and the Dutch Protestant ministers who arrived there in 1599 introduced their own clothing systems, using dress as a symbol of social, cultural and economic control. – TAASA Review March 2014


This article was originally found in the March 2014 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 23, Issue 1, Page 30).

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The oppressive and restricting black dress adopted by the indigenous people was in stark contrast with the fashionable gailycoloured summer cotton dresses and white suits of the Europeans who lived there: a visual separation enforced by colonial attitudes.

The presentation generated a lively discussion to finish the evening. ...