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The S h o s o – i n t r e a su r y – a r oya l c o l l ec t i o n b ot h ex t r ao r d i n a r y a n d eve r y day Robyn Maxwell E ach year for a little over two weeks from late October to mid-November, an exhibition of a few dozen items from a remarkable Japanese royal collection attracts huge crowds.

London’s Art Newspaper reported that, over the 17 days in late 2012, the daily average attendance of 14,240 visitors, almost exclusively domestic Japanese tourists, made The 64th Annual Exhibition of the Shosoin Treasures at the Nara National Museum the best attended exhibition worldwide (April 2013).

Yet there were no complaints as the superbly organised but largely self-managed queue snaked along five abreast for an hour or so outside the modern concrete replica of the original timber repository...