B U S H IDO : W AY OF T H E S AM U RAI – TAASA Review June 2014


This article was originally found in the June 2014 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 23, Issue 2, Page 10).

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Wayne Crothers T he art and culture of the samurai encompasses over 800 years of Japan’s history and creative past.

From the 12th century through to the Meiji Restoration and modernisation of Japan in 1868 the Shogun, regional lords and their warrior retainers ruled the country and lived to a rigorous code of ethics.

This military aristocracy aspired to a life of spiritual harmony that not only perfected the art of war but also embodied an appreciation of the fine arts that established their life as an art form itself. The exhibition Bushido: Way of the Samurai will introduce samurai as both warriors and men of refined culture...