VISIT TO THE JOHN SPATCHURST COLLECTION, 27 July 2013 TAASA is very grateful to members who graciously allow us to view their collections and enjoy the host’s recollections, expertise and advice. This was clearly the case with a visit to John Spatchurst’s collection. John, the TAASA Review’s original designer, has an eclectic collection of objects superbly integrated into every corner of his living space. Pride of place, perhaps, is afforded a large 17/18th century cast brass mukhalinga used as a covering for a stone lingam. But the collection ranges from Indian miniature paintings, Burmese lacquer boxes, village kitchen chapatti rollers and very interesting examples of beautifully crafted colonial furniture pieces. A second viewing is planned for those on an extensive waiting list ­ please see TAASA Members’ Diary. Gill Green – TAASA Review September 2013


This article was originally found in the September 2013 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 22, Issue 3, Page 27).

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