H E L E A N OR F E LT H A M ( 1 9 4 2 ­ 2 0 1 3 ) – TAASA Review September 2013


This article was originally found in the September 2013 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 22, Issue 3, Page 26).

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Christina Sumner F amily, friends and colleagues gathered in Newtown, Sydney on 11 July to farewell Dr Heleanor Feltham, who died peacefully in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital after combating myeloma and then suffering complications from a fall.

Heleanor was a great friend and an exceptional scholar who contributed substantially to Sydney’s intellectual life, in particular in the area of Asian arts. increasingly narrow tunnel into specialisation.

This was anathema to her and, looking around for broader options, Heleanor realised that there was only one place in Sydney "and possibly in the whole of Australia" where her encyclopaedic knowledge would be put to good use: the old Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences with its extraordinarily diverse collection of cultural icons. ...