C OLL E C TOR ‘ S C H OI C E : T W O B L U E & W H I T E V I E T N A M E S E C H A R G E R S John Yu – TAASA Review March 2013


This article was originally found in the March 2013 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 22, Issue 1, Page 24).

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A s an incorrigible collector, I am often asked "what is your favourite…? " and for me, that is an impossible question to answer.

But I do have a passion for Asian textiles and for ceramics.

If pressed I might even narrow this to 18th century English delftware pottery and Vietnamese ceramics. Chinese ceramics have an unchallenged place in the ceramic world but the market value has risen so steeply in recent times that few can afford to aspire to ownership of even modest examples of the best...