U N LI K E L Y C O N N E C TIO N S : T H E M A K A S S A N S , T H E Y OL N G U A N D T H E D U T C H E A S T I N DI E S C O M P A N Y – TAASA Review June 2013


This article was originally found in the June 2013 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 22, Issue 2, Page 16).

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James Bennett I t may seem unlikely to draw a connection between the Art Gallery of South Australia’s recently acquired A scholar in his studio by the Dutch painter Abraham Van Den Hecken (c.

1615 ­ c.1669) and the Northern Territory Yolngu artist Minimi Mamarika’s depiction of Makassar fishermen, The Malay prau, painted on bark in 1948.

Nevertheless, both works reference events in 17th century Indonesia which was a period of great cultural and political change with far-reaching maritime consequences...