DR M I C H A E L B RA N D – TAASA Review September 2012


This article was originally found in the September 2012 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 21, Issue 3, Page 28).

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Jill Sykes Dr Michael Brand’s appointment as director of the Art Gallery of NSW has been celebrated and commended in Australia and overseas.

TAASA members might consider themselves especially pleased since he began his career in the visual arts as an Asian specialist. Australian-born Brand, 54, did his thesis for his PhD in art history from Harvard University on pre-Mughal Indian architecture; he was curator of Asian art at the National Gallery of Australia from 1988 to 1996; and as assistant director at the Queensland Art Gallery between 1996 and 2000, he led the development of its renowned collection of Asia-Pacific art.

His wife, Tina Gomes Brand, whom he met in his hometown, Canberra, was born in Malaysia with an Indian family background. But there is no way anyone should, or could, pigeonhole Brand into a particular cultural or geographical area of art...