P O E TRY IN TH E IRANIAN P SY C H E : R E FL E C TIONS ON O M AR K HAYYA M ‘ S R ubaiyat – TAASA Review March 2012


This article was originally found in the March 2012 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 21, Issue 1, Page 8).

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Mammad Aidani A consciousness associated with the soul is more relaxed, less intentionalised than a consciousness associated with the phenomena of the mind.

(Gaston Bachelard 1969: xvii) P oetry plays a unique role in the psyche of Iranians, the majority of whom have remained closely connected to their poets throughout the centuries.

Speaking to the New York Times in August 2011, Professor Ehsan Yarshater of Columbia University and general editor of the Encyclopedia Iranica project, was quoted as saying that Persian poetry was Iran’s greatest cultural contribution. Persian poetry and poets, throughout Iranian history, have played a pivotal role in enriching as well as shaping the foundations of Persian culture and its complex and multiethnic components...