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Adrian Vickers the living conditions of Balinese villagers at the time.

Some are artistically-framed, drawing attention to the patterns of rounded mudbricks or deteriorating plaster, others capture spontaneous moments of meeting with temple priests and villagers, or negotiating the pigs and dogs on pebble paths. Bali Aga Villages: fieldwork in the 1980s Carole Muller Walsh Bay Press, Sydney, 2011 rrp: US$100 for hardcover book; ebook US$6.99 for ipad or iphone Balinese I know like to spend time surfing the internet for colonial photographs and film of their island, eager to see how much it has changed in the last century or so.

The publication of Carole Muller’s fantastic collection of photographs of Bali Aga or `Original Balinese’ villages, taken in the 1980s, will serve as a sharp reminder to critical Balinese audiences that the most rapid changes to the island have come in the last two or three decades. Carole Muller’s book began life as a fieldwork record from her unpublished research as a student, mainly at the Australian National University, but also at the University of Sydney...