S P E C TA C L E A N D F A N TA S Y: T H E E X H I B ITIO N S T A R S O F T H E T O K Y O S T A G E Lucie Folan – TAASA Review June 2012


This article was originally found in the June 2012 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 21, Issue 2, Page 7).

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S tars of the Tokyo stage ­ a National Gallery of Australia travelling exhibition on display at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Gallery from 28 June 2012 ­ celebrates the glamour and vitality of Japan’s kabuki theatre in the 1920s and 30s.

For centuries, the theatrical art form of kabuki has inspired visual artists, especially printmakers concerned with depicting contemporary life and culture.

The exhibition, featuring superb woodblock printed actor portraits by Tokyo artist Natori Shunsen (1886­1960), explores this relationship...