T E LL M E T E LL M E : A ustral i an an d K orean A rt 1 9 7 6 ­ 2 0 1 1 Song Mi Sim – TAASA Review September 2011


This article was originally found in the September 2011 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 20, Issue 3, Page 22).

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2 011 is the Australian ­ Korean Year of Friendship, marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

A number of events are being held in celebration, including a major new exhibition of Korean and Australian contemporary art. The core of the exhibition comprises a significant collection of historical works by important artists from both countries, including Paik Nam June, Marr Grounds, Stelarc, Ken Unsworth, Shim Moon-Seup, Lee Kang-So, Quac Insik and Lee U-Fan.

It also features contemporary artists such as Brook Andrew, Louise Weaver, Nyapanyapa, Charlie Sofo, Brown Council, Kim Beom, Yang Haegue, Yeesookyung, Chung Seoyoung and Jung Marie. A first-time collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Sydney and the National Museum of Contemporary Art (NMOCA) in Seoul, it is inspired by the visit of Paik Nam June and Charlotte Moorman to Sydney in 1976 and the Biennale of Sydney in the same year, Recent International Forms of Art, that included a group of important artists. Whilst Paik and Moorman held their exhibitions and performances, Korean artists Lee U-Fan, Quac Insik, Shim Moon-Seup and Lee Kang-So showed their works at the Biennale...