E X H I B ITIO N P R E V I E W : J A P A N I N S Y D N E Y: A r t h u r L inds a y S a dle r , J a p a n a nd Aust r a li a n mode r nism 1 9 2 0 s ­ 1 9 3 0 s – TAASA Review March 2011


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Maria (Connie) Tornatore ­ Loong F rom the early 1900s onwards, Australian artists and printmakers have sought inspiration from Japanese ukiyo-e prints.

They have embraced their technique and compositional features to create works of art in the distinctive Japoniste style: decorative colourful patterns, multiple and unconventional viewpoints, geometric rendition of subject matter leading to abstraction, the dominance of line, distortion of perspective, dynamic rhythm, flat surfaces of colour and elongated pictorial formats.

A major exponent of Japanese culture and aesthetics during this period was Arthur Lindsay Sadler (1882 ­ 1970)...