DURING THE YEAR WE ALSO HAVE TOURS TO: Egypt (17 Jan-9 Feb), the standard tour but also including the – TAASA Review December 2011


This article was originally found in the December 2011 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 20, Issue 4, Page 60).

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Siwa Oasis and Akhnaten’s Sun City and sites around Minya Ethiopia (14-27 Feb), including Aksum, Gonder, Lalibela and the Simien Mountains Japan (2-20 April), from small traditional towns, to Samurai castles and 21st C.

Megacities and the calm inland sea Travels through the Taklamakan (21 Sep­14 Oct), the silk route through eastern China and into modern Kyrghzstan Ladakh (9-25 July), Leh, the Manali Highway, Dharamsala and Amritsar Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim, three nations squeezed between the great powers of China and India Iran: Off the Beaten Track (5-28 Oct), with John Tidmarsh, including Mashad, Tabriz, Kerman, as well as Isfahan and Shiraz. Check our new website for details of these tours and more at www.alumnitravel.com.au.

For a hard copy brochure, please email: robl@alumnitravel.com.au phone: (02) 9290 3856 or 1300 799 887 (ex Sydney metrop.), or fax: (02)92903857 60 TAASA NSW City images: a symposium on Indian cities ­ 20 August This symposium, one in the ongoing TAASA series on Asian cities, attracted 85 participants for a day of fascinating information and most intriguing images...