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This article was originally found in the June 2010 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 19, Issue 2, Page 29).

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Dadang Christanto – They give evidence The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 27 May ­ 25 July 2010 Sixteen larger-than-life male and female sculptured figures speak eloquently for the victims of oppression and social justice.

Politically charged, they represent displaced victims, mutely carrying the bodies of innocent men, women and children who have been killed in Indonesia.

Based in Australia since 1999, Christanto is one of the most prominent Indonesian contemporary artists. 2010 Arts of Asia Lecture Series ­ Term II – Powerful Patrons Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney Tuesdays 1-2pm from 20 July – 19 October 2010 The second half of the 2010 Arts of Asia lecture series continues to explore the preeminent individuals in Asia who have shaped the arts, culture and sense of identity of their peoples...