R E C E N T TAA S A A C TI V ITI E S – TAASA Review December 2010


This article was originally found in the December 2010 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 19, Issue 4, Page 27).

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TAASA NSW Looking at tampans in NSW: (L-R) Chris Reid, Diane Schultz Tesmar, Ross Langlands, Roz Cheney, Kate Johnston.

Photo Gill Green `Glorious pots’ – Lecture on Trade Ceramics in Southeast Asia Despite inclement weather, a group of TAASA ceramics enthusiasts gathered at Irene and Ross Langlands’ Nomadic Rug Traders Gallery in Sydney on 14 September to hear David Rehfuss’ talk on the trade in ceramics from countries in Southeast Asia.

A monumental clap of thunder sounded as he began his talk. David Rehfuss is the inaugural ­ and still serving – president of the Washington Oriental Ceramics Society; he works with the sherds collection at the Freer and Sackler Galleries in Washington and has curated successful exhibitions of Asian ceramics in the DC area. Because the overland silk trade routes are well known, David focussed on the sea trade routes, also of great antiquity...