C H I N E S E B U D D H I S T A R T S Y M P O S I U M : F I N D I N G M E A N I N G I N T H E L O S T B U D D HA S – TAASA Review March 2009


This article was originally found in the March 2009 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 18, Issue 1, Page 20).

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John Millbank O n 29-30 August 2008, the University of Sydney and the Art Gallery of New South Wales jointly held a symposium on the subject Chinese Buddhist Art, New Directions and Perspectives, in conjunction with the Art Gallery’s exhibition The Lost Buddhas: Chinese Buddhist sculpture from Qingzhou.

The symposium brought together speakers from Australia and overseas, including many of the leading scholars in the field from the UK, the US, Germany and Switzerland. Speakers at the Chinese Buddhist Art Symposium 2008.

Photo: Courtesy Art Gallery of NSW Over two days a dozen papers were delivered reflecting recent scholarship on Buddhist art in China around the sixth century...