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Husi Bei Ala Timor Sira Nia Liman ­ From the Hands of our Ancestors ­ The Art and Craft of Timor-Leste Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin 22 November 2008 – 12 July 2009 For the first time since the nation’s independence in 2002, works from the National Collection of Timor-Leste are presented internationally, complemented by the Timor-Leste collection of the MAGNT and additional works on loan from public and private collections.

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au/nreta/museums QUEENSLAND The China Project ·Three Decades: The Contemporary Chinese Collection · Zhang Xiaogang: Shadows in the Soul · William Yang: Life Lines Queensland Art Gallery ­ Gallery of Modern Art 28 March ­ 28 June 2009 The China Project' presents three unique points of view on contemporary Chinese art.Three Decades: The Contemporary Chinese Collection’ presents 146 extraordinary works The Golden Journey is the first comprehensive survey in Australia to explore the rich heritage of Japanese art from prehistoric times until Japan opened its doors to the West at the commencement of the Meiji period (18681912)...