MITSUI TRAVEL – the Japan Connection – TAASA Review March 2008


This article was originally found in the March 2008 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 17, Issue 1, Page 25).

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Journey into the land of history, culture and hospitality. Japan is a unique destination for lovers of art, traditional and modern.

Mitsui Travel can assist with expertise of over 30 years in planning your itinerary with your special interest incorporated. In March, we have planned two tours visiting some of the three most celebrated gardens of Japan and World Heritage sites with cherry blossom viewing. Tour 1 takes you to Tokyo – Mito – Nikko – Kanazawa and Noto Peninsula, and Tour 2 takes you to Tokyo – Kanazawa –Takayama – Mie – Kyoto. 12 days tour departs on March 30th. ...