OF SOUTHEAST ASIA – TAASA Review December 2008


This article was originally found in the December 2008 edition of TAASA Review (Volume 17, Issue 4, Page 20).

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In conjunction with Australian Museum Members 17 July ­ 9 August 2009 A solar eclipse must rank as one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles of the natural world: the sky takes on an eerie and mystical twilight and an overall sense of magic and mythology is experienced.

Astronomer Martin George from Launceston’s Queen Victoria Museum led our previous solar eclipse travel program to Turkey in 2006; Martin’s latest tour features the July 2009 solar eclipse near Hangzhou in southern China.

Following the eclipse, we continue to be immersed in China’s rich history and culture including specialist astronomical sites. 15 September ­ 30 September 2009 Thailand’s outstanding natural, built and cultural worlds continue to attract more travellers than any other country in Southeast Asia...