Asian Art Collection


Until 8 August 2021

Gradual shifts in pattern, colour and technique can be traced across thousands of years in ceramics from China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, along with the presence of shared motifs, technological developments, and the marks of artistic influence.

Gods and Gridlock


29 February 2020 – 8 August 2021

Features works by artists who, by experimenting with the techniques and iconography of classical tangka painting, seek its relevance in an age of digital communication. Tangka are scroll paintings that emerged from Buddhist figurative traditions in India and China, and flourished in Tibet from the 11th century onwards. Recognisable for their precise brushwork, detailed imagery and strictly proportionate geometry, these paintings principally depict the Buddha and other deities or teachers. They function as educational, devotional and meditational aids, but also serve as a source of artistic innovation and reflection.


Japanese Modernism


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