Fearless: Contemporary South Asian art

21 July 2018 - 6 January 2019

Art Gallery of NSW

This is the Gallery’s first exhibition to focus on women artists with ties to South Asia. Drawn primarily from the Gallery’s collection, Fearless includes major works by Nalini Malani, Pushpamala N and Clare Arni, Adeela Suleman, Alia Syed and Shahzia Sikander. The exhibition explores individual interpretations of politics and nationalism alongside the consequences of shifting borders. Each artist interrogates connections to diverse cultures and geographies, fearlessly questioning historical events, personal memories and their own identity


The Poetry of Nature. Edo Paintings from the Fischer-Bender Collection

To 21 January 2019

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Featured are more than 40 outstanding examples of Edo-period hanging scroll paintings presented in juxtaposition with some 15 contemporary Japanese ceramics from the Fishbein-Bender collection. Unexpected pairings of paintings and decorative objects are also part of an age-old Japanese tradition called tori-awase (connoisseurial arrangement). An additional 50 works in various formats and media from the Met collection provides further context.

The Second Buddha. Master of Time.

To January 2019

Rubin Museum New York

Tells the story of the legendary Indian master Padmasambhava (the Lotus Born) believed to have been instrumental in converting the land and people of Tibet to Buddhism.

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