Awakening: Art of Buddhism

Art Gallery of South Australia, Gallery 20-21

2 December 2016 - 1 October 2017

Awakening presents the extraordinary heritage of Buddhist art from India, Burma, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan and contemporary Australia. The sculptures, paintings and ritual artefacts in the display testify to the power of religious devotion as a source of inspiration for artists. A feature of the display are works of art narrating the story of the Buddha’s life as well as a set of imposing Chinese images from a private Australian collection never previously displayed in this country.


Realtime: Miyanaga Akira

National Gallery Of Victoria, Melbourne

18 November 2016 – 30 April 2017

This exhibition brings together a selection of recent work by the Japanese contemporary artist Miyanaga Akira. The Kyoto-based practitioner is known for mesmerising moving image works constructed from film footage taken from everyday life, filmed in both urban and rural areas of Japan. Using time-lapse techniques and processes of splicing, rearranging and superimposing, Miyanaga’s experimental views of the world move poetically between realism and abstraction. 

ASIATOPA: Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts

Various sites, Melbourne

13 February – 6 March 2017

This festival is an artistic celebration of Australia’s relationships with contemporary Asia. 

It is brought together by some of Victoria’s top cultural institutions and a host of international and national collaborators and Program Partners. Asia TOPA will offer events which bridge diverse art forms including performance, visual, screen and literary arts.

Ah Xian: Axiom

Hamilton Gallery, Hamilton Victoria

5 November - 26 February 2017

From beauty to melancholia to serenity, Ah Xian's human forms are the embodiment of universal truths and states of being. Spanning media including porcelain, bronze and concrete, these artworks link across humanity and civilisations with their reference to ancient arts presented on contemporary forms.


Splendors of Korean Art

Metropolitan Museum, New York

10 October 2015 – 17 September 2017

This year-long presentation brings to The Met masterpieces from the National Museum of Korea. The exhibition offers stellar examples of Korean art complemented by highlights from The Met collection. Organised chronologically from the Late Bronze Age to the 21st century, the exhibition conveys the broad framework of Korean art history.

Celebrating the Arts of Japan: the Mary Griggs Burke Collection

Metropolitan Museum, New York

20 October 21016 – 14 May 2017

This tribute to a great collector reveals Japanese art as viewed through the lens of 50 years of collecting: the sublime spirituality of Buddhist and Shinto art; the boldness of Zen ink painting; the imaginary world conjured up by the Tale of Genji and classical Japanese literature; the sumptuous colours of bird-and-flower painting; the subtlety of poetry, calligraphy, and literati themes; the aestheticised accoutrements of the tea ceremony, and the charming portraiture of courtesans from the ‘floating world’ (ukiyo-e).

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